2016 Annual Meeting Program

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8:00 11:30am Registration-Coffee, Juice, and Pastries
8:30 9:00 am Regional Caucus                      Steve Simmons


9:45 am

Member Meetings-for establishing legislative priorities

Grain and Farm Supply               Jared Ehrp
Ag Production and Processing    Matt Caswell
Energy                                          Steve Schaller
Farm and Coop Credit                  James Nygren
Rural Electric                                Kevin Condon
Telecommunications                     Gary Clark
Credit Unions                                Jon Murphy
10:00 10:45am Issues in Common    Chair -Reuben Skow
                                    Staff -Kayla Lyon and Mike St. Clair
10:00 11:00am Retired Managers’ Reunion
10:45 11:00 am Refreshment Break




“Get it on! What It Means to Lead the Way”
12:00 12:45 pm Lunch


1:45 pm

Annual Business Meeting, Hall of Fame

Review of IIC Business, Vote on Legislative Policy Resolutions

Presentation of Hall of Fame Award to:

Brent Bunte and Marty Reagan

1:45 2:00 pm Refreshment Break


2:50 pm

Breakout Sessions

Watershed Management

Taking a holistic approach to watershed management

Iowa DOT- How are roads and bridges funded in Iowa

and how was the fuel tax increase utilized

Pesticide Resistance & Application Liability

Update on current research and discussion of new

soybean herbicide application considerations



Breakout Session

Economic Outlook-

What does 2017 look like in the agricultural economy

4:00pm Adjourn




“Get it on! What it means to Lead the Way” In the summer of 1993 Staff Sergeant Keni Thomas was deployed to Mogadishu Somalia with the 3rd Ranger Battalion as part of an elite special operations package called Task Force Ranger. Their mission was to find and capture a criminal warlord named Mohammed Farrah Aidid. On the 3rd of October, Keni and his fellow rangers distinguished themselves in an 18-hour firefight that would later be recounted in the highly successful book and movie “Blackhawk Down”. Nineteen Americans gave their lives and 78 were wounded in the worst urban combat seen by US troops since WWII.

After Mogadishu, Staff Sergeant Thomas volunteered for one more enlistment in the Army where he became an assistant leader of a six-man reconnaissance team, earned his master parachutist rating, completed the Special Forces Combat Diver course, became an Advance EMT and completed the Belgium Commando Course.

Keni got out of the Army to pursue his music career and now works full-time as an award winning country music recording artist and songwriter in Nashville.  Keni continues to serve our troops with regular tours to Iraq and Afghanistan.  He is also national spokesman for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, an organization that provides college educations to children of our special operations personnel killed in combat or training.

During the keynote presentation, Keni will draw upon his experiences on the battlefield and inspire people to achieve greatness by stressing the importance of outstanding leadership at every level, even if the only person you are leading is yourself.


2:00  – 2:50 pm  BREAKOUT SESSIONS

Watershed Management

 Dr. Larry Weber, Director of the IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering Research Center at University of Iowa College of Engineering, will discuss how the IIHR is working with landowners and other stakeholders to develop new strategies and approaches that can help us move toward a future in which a healthy ag economy can co-exist with improved water quality. Dr. Weber approaches water issues on a water shed basis. He researches the impacts on water quality as well as flood mitigation utilizing in field practices, edge of field practices and infrastructure design. He and his team look for the best practices to affect an entire watershed rather than individual approaches.
Iowa DOT
In 2015, the Iowa legislature raised the Iowa fuel tax rate to provide an additional $200 million per year in funding for the Road Use Tax Fund. Stuart Anderson, Director of Planning, Programming and Modal Division of Iowa DOT, will discuss the process of prioritizing the allocation of these funds to the critical road and bridge projects though out Iowa.
Pesticide Resistance
Dr. Mike Owen, ISU Agronomy Department Associate Chair and Extension Weed Specialist, will provide an update on latest issues with pesticide resistance. He will also lead a discussion on liability of application of herbicides to new strains of soybeans next season.

3:00 – 3:45 pm BREAKOUT SESSION

 Economic Outlook
Dr. Chad Hart and Dr. Lee Schulz of Iowa State University will provide their insights to what looks to be a very exciting year in the agriculture commodity world. Chad and Lee will take an objective look at what forces are in play and how the next cycle in agriculture could play out.