2014 IIC Annual Meeting

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Iowa State Center – Scheman Continuing Education Building, Ames, Iowa

Meeting Program

8:00 – 11:30 a.m. Registration – Coffee, Juice and Pastries
8:30 –   9:00 a.m. Regional Caucus – Bert Johnson
9:00 –   9:45 a.m. Member Meetings for establishing legislative priorities
Grain and Farm Supply – Rollie Svoboda
Ag Production and Processing – Matt Caswell
Energy – Steve Schaller
Farm and Coop Credit – Jamie Nygren
Rural Electric – Tim Coonan
Telecommunications – Gary Clark
Credit Unions – Jon Murphy
10:00 – 10:45 a.m. Issues in Common – Kayla Lyon and Mike St. Clair
10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Retired Manager’s Reunion
10:45 – 11:15 a.m. Refreshment Break
11:15 – 12:00 noon KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Colonel Mark Tillman

The most important left seat in aviation history

12:00 – 12:45 p.m. Lunch
12:45 –   1:45 p.m. Annual Business Meeting, Hall of Fame Ceremony

Roger Koppen and Larry Peterson

1:45 –   2:00 p.m. Refreshment Break
2:00 –   2:50 p.m. Breakout Sessions
Big Data– What can it do for me and what can it do to me

Click here for BigData presentation

Credit and Identity Theft-What can I do to protect myself

Click here for Credit and Identity Theft Presentation

2014 Elections-What do they mean in the rear view mirror

Click here for 2014 Elections presentation by Jeff Stein

3:00 –   4:00 p.m. Breakout Session
Economic Outlook-What does 2015 look like in ag economy

Dr. Chad Hart’s Presentation

Dr. Lee Schulz’s Presentation

4:00 p.m. Adjourn

2014 Annual Meeting Speaking Program

11:15 – 12:00 noon KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Colonel Mark Tillman

Chosen as the nation’s 12th Presidential pilot, Colonel (ret) Mark W. Tillman served as pilot and commander of Air Force One from 2001-2009. Col. Tillman was at the controls of Air Force One through numerous national events. Most notably, he protected the President on September 11, 2001 by keeping him out of harms way and connecting the flying oval office to the nation’s first responders.

Another historic event was being the first pilot to fly the Commander-in-Chief into a war zone. The challenge was unprecedented–transport the most targeted man in the world into the heart of terrorism. One mistake would have left the President open to attack and cost the lives of US service members. Col. Tillman personally orchestrated and executed the covert operation with flawless success. His planning, done in complete secrecy, allowed for a complete surprise to the entire world.

2:00 –   2:50 p.m. BREAKOUT SESSIONS

Big Data, Dr. Matt Darr, Iowa State University The advent of the collection of data in agriculture is likely to be one of the biggest changes in production agriculture since the advent of hybrid corn. There are number of companies that are gathering information about your farming practices, some with your permission and some without. The decisions that are made from this data and who might have access to this data are significant issues the industry is going to have to sort through. Dr. Matt Darr, a faculty member with Iowa State University, has spent a lot of time understanding what data might be gathered and who might want access to this data. We think you will appreciate Dr. Darr’s insight on what impact data will have on today’s decisions and as well as how data collection and use might look in the future.

Credit & Identity Theft, Karen Postma, The Members Group – Home Depot, Target, Jimmy Johns, who is next? With the increase in major company card frauds at Fortune 500 companies, is there anything you as a consumer can do to protect yourself short of using cash? Karen Postma of The Members Group is going to share some tips and things to watch for to protect yourself from credit and identity theft. Often times, the people taking your money are in foreign nations and you have virtually no chance of ever recovering your money. The best way to avoid this type of credit fraud and identity theft is to prevent it.

2014 Elections, Jeff Stein, Author, broadcaster and professor Iowans just finished what seemed like an eternity listening to political advertisements, driving past signs and listening to candidates make all kinds of promises. Will it really make any difference? Jeff Stein is an author, historian and political analyst. He has taught at the college level for 25 years, including Iowa State University. A 2011 recipient of the national Award of Merit from the American Association for State and Local History, he is recognized as the foremost broadcast historian in Iowa. He also serves as executive director of the Iowa Broadcast News Association and is a past president of the six-state Northwest Broadcast News Association. An award-winning broadcaster, Stein currently hosts a weekly radio program, “The Iowa Watch Connection” which airs on nearly 20 stations in Iowa and is regularly heard commenting on media and politics on WHO-AM Des Moines, KXEL-AM in Waterloo and KASI-AM in Ames

3:00 –   3:45 p.m. BREAKOUT SESSION

Economic Outlook — This is always a very timely way to end our annual meeting.  Dr. Chad Hart and Dr. Lee Schulz of Iowa State University will provide their insights to what looks to be a very exciting year in the agriculture commodity world.  If there ever was a time when participants are confused what the next 12-18 months might look like, it is now.  Chad and Lee will take an objective look at what forces are in play and how the next cycle in agriculture could play out.

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